Measuring Marketing Success

This is the era of no-B.S. marketing. If your marketing initiatives aren’t generating a positive return on your investment, something is broken. Thankfully, you now have the ability to identify those broken pieces and fix them.

Today, you can measure just about everything, including the following:

  • Where your website visitors discover you
  • What content they look at
  • How much time they spend on your site and on specific pages
  • Which calls-to-action drive higher conversion rates
  • Which premium content offers produce the most qualified leads
  • Which automated email campaigns bring the most leads back to your site
  • Which marketing initiatives produce the leads who actually become paying customers

The list goes on and on and on. If you want to measure it, you probably can. So in this overwhelming sea of website analytics and marketing data, how do you make sense of everything? What really matters? And most importantly, how to you use this data to initiate positive change?

How we measure marketing success

Though every B2B company is different and needs to accomplish different goals, the following three buckets are starting points we often use to measure our clients’ marketing success.

Measure website traffic growth

Is your website traffic growing? Where are visitors coming from? Which blog posts and pages on your website are attracting visitors out of the search engines? Are you beginning to rank higher in Google searches for the keywords you’re now targeting?

Measure lead generation

Are at least 1-3 percent of your new website visitors converting into leads by downloading your premium content or filling out other forms on your website? Which marketing initiatives are producing visitors who are converting into leads?

Measure customer acquisition

Which marketing initiatives have played a role among leads that became customers? Were some lead nurturing campaigns more effective than others at helping close customers? Did specific case studies or white papers engage those customers along their buying journey?

Act on your data

The data we collect for our clients is only useful if it initiates positive change. We work hard to understand what’s working and then aim to replicate success. We also work hard to understand what’s not working and shift our time elsewhere. At CoblestonePub, we carefully hone and perfect your marketing machine at all times. It can always be improved. We’re never satisfied.

Let’s talk about building a measurement system that helps you understand what marketing efforts are generating a positive return on your investment.