Email Lead Nurturing

In some industries like construction, the sales cycle can take months, if not years. A long time may pass before a new lead becomes a paying customer. So how can you consistently stay in front of the growing, highly-prized list of contacts you’ve started building? And how can you help speed up that buying process? For our clients, the answer lies in email lead nurturing.

Adding value throughout the sales cycle

As we detail on our content marketing page, the development of helpful, educational content for your prospective customers forms the foundation of inbound marketing. And by no means does this content stop working hard for you after a new lead is created.

Your leads require nurturing. At CoblestonePub, we engage our clients’ leads from month to month, building trust and establishing our clients as the obvious choices for their prospects when it’s buying time. Email serves as our primary tool for doing so.

Traditional email marketing

Email marketing strategies come in many shapes and forms. In the very simplest form, we use monthly e-newsletters as consistent touch points with our clients’ contacts. The educational blog content we develop for our clients lives within their websites. Through monthly newsletters, we distribute emails that contain excerpts to that content. The email serves as a teaser and drives recipients back to the website where opportunity exists to reengage and continue educating them.

Automated email marketing

On the other end of the email marketing spectrum lies a much more advanced, personalized and highly-targeted approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach like a monthly e-newsletter, we use lead intelligence to put the most relevant content in front of each lead at the right time. Read more about automated email marketing on our marketing automation page.

Let’s talk about designing an email marketing plan that will nurture your leads throughout their buying processes.

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