Customer acquisition through lead nurturing

The job of a marketer no longer ends once a new lead walks through the door. In the past, companies relied on the sales team alone to close leads. But the fundamental problem with this approach is that most leads aren’t yet ready to buy anything. In some industries like construction, the sales cycle can take months, if not years.

So how do you stay in front of your constantly-growing, highly-prized list of contacts without draining all of your sales team’s time and resources? How do you keep leads engaged from month to month, build trust over time and establish yourself as the obvious choice when they’re ready to buy — on their timetable? The answer is lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is the idea of warming up your cooler leads with prospect education, rather than hard selling them when their not ready to buy. On our lead-generation page, we touched on the idea of educating your leads and providing value to them through your website content. Your content continues to play a significant role in this nurturing stage. Tools like email marketing and marketing automation let you get your content in front of existing leads on a regular basis. So instead of receiving constant phone calls and manual emails from your sales reps who are “just checking in,” your leads receive helpful content that informs and adds utility throughout their buying process.

The results of lead nurturing include more informed prospects, consistent, unintrusive touch points that keep you top-of-mind and more time for your sales team to spend with leads who are closer to a buying decision.

And through lead intelligence mining on your website, we can score and segment leads by industry, engagement level, content areas of interest and specific actions taken. This level of segmentation leads to more personalized email marketing and sets up more informed sales calls.

The tools we use at Gorilla to help our clients convert more leads into customers include content marketing, lead intelligence mining, email marketing and automated lead nurturing.

Let’s talk about how to close more of your leads as paying customers.