B2B Marketing Strategy

No lasting building is constructed without a blueprint. Every effective marketing plan needs a blueprint too. Many B2B companies rush into their marketing activities without direction or concrete outcomes in mind. This impatience leads to wasted time, unfocused energy, higher costs and lesser results. At Coblestone Publicity, we first help our clients lay a solid foundation for their marketing initiatives by starting with strategy.

Define your core business challenges

All B2B companies have their own unique challenges that require unique solutions. But we’ve also learned that many companies experience some overlap in challenges such as the following:

  • Low awareness
  • Uninformed customers
  • Lack of qualified leads
  • Time wasted on wrong leads
  • Sales team short on time
  • Sales cycle too long
  • Cost per lead too high
  • Can’t measure results

The absolute first thing we do with our clients is identify which of these (or other) pain points need to be addressed. Then we design a customized strategy to solve those problems. Learn more about the business problems we solve.

Identify your buyer personas

You know the industries you target. And you know the types of companies that buy from you. But have you truly identified the individuals within those companies who discover you and gather information from you? And what about the individuals who ultimately make the buying decisions?

Where do these people go for information? What do they value about a partner like your company? How much influence do they have in the buying process? Your customers are human beings — not companies. Each is different. Just as you talk differently to your best friend, your grandma and your boss, you must talk differently to CEOs than you would talk to an engineer or a procurement rep.

Because you can’t develop a separate marketing plan to target every business prospect individually, we help our clients develop profiles that group together audience members who share common characteristics. These profiles are called buyer personas, and they allow us to cater our marketing approach to each group differently.

Establish your goals and metrics

Without an outcome in mind, what are you really working toward? We operate under a no-B.S. measurement policy at Coblestone Publicity. Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers aren’t the same thing as revenue. That’s why we help our clients establish real, measurable goals for their marketing initiatives and metrics to demonstrate how they impact the bottom line.

These goals revolve around things like volume of website traffic, search engine rankings for important keywords, real leads generated through each individual marketing activity, effectiveness of specific website content at converting leads, and customers closed through lead-nurturing initiatives. Just as you’re held accountable by your boss or CEO, we expect to be held accountable for delivering results. Learn more about measuring marketing success.

Let’s talk about building a marketing strategy for your business.