B2B Lead Generation Online

What good are website visitors if you don’t know who they are? At CoblestonePub, we believe at least 1-3 percent of your website visitors should convert into real leads with names, email addresses and phone numbers. But to compel a visitor to hand over contact information, you need to offer something of value.

On our traffic generation page, we talk about using website content to attract a targeted audience. But that’s just the first role your content plays. Its next job is to educate your visitors, answer their questions and help them discover solutions to their business problems.

According to a study by KISS Metrics, 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy. Your website visitors are researching and self-educating to inform their buying decisions. And the bigger the purchase, the more research a prospective customer will likely conduct. This is your opportunity to teach — not your time to sell.

By establishing your company as an expert resource, you also establish trust. And it’s this trust that compels a visitor to take a lead-generating action such as a form submission. Visitors will trade contact information for a white paper, a buyer’s guide, a live webinar, a product demo or some other premium content offer if they believe those things add value. In short, a transaction occurs, enabling conversation to begin.

The tools we use at Coblestone Publicity to convert website visitors into leads include website design, conversion optimization and content marketing.

Let’s talk about how to generate more leads for your business.