B2B Inbound Marketing

If you are a duck hunter, you put out a spread of decoys and sit back in your duck blind, waiting for the birds to descend from the sky and come to you.

This is like inbound marketing, but instead of duck decoys, you have content decoys. You attract your audience through search engines and social media channels as they search for solutions to their problems. They discover your content and come to you, rather that you trekking out into the wild to hunt for them. For you business school-trained marketers, this is “pull” marketing as oppose to traditional “push” marketing.

Create new customer relationships

Although the duck hunting analogy works on many levels, one very important distinction must be made. When hunting ducks, they’re your prey and don’t fare so well in the end (as long as you’re a good shot). Your business prospects, on the other hand, are rewarded by discovery of your content. Carefully-crafted, well-planned content creates value for your prospective customers. It helps address their business problems and establishes trust in your expertise. This discovery is the beginning of a new relationship.

Earn attention and trust by educating your audience

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 80 percent of business decision-makers prefer to acquire company information through a series of articles instead of in an advertisement. People are gathering information on their own today — researching online, identifying potential business partners and vendors, and ignoring interruptive advertising messages along the way. Your company must respond accordingly so your prospects will discover and learn from you.

Build an inbound marketing plan

At Coblestone Publicity, we focus on developing and executing customized inbound marketing strategies for our clients that attract qualified website visitors, convert those visitors into leads and nurture leads until they become customers. Our approach varies from one client to the next but is rooted in tactics including:

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