B2B Content Marketing

According to a study by KISS Metrics, 96 percent of website visitors are not ready to buy. If this is true, why do so many companies constantly scream, “BUY FROM ME NOW!”? Content marketing is about educating — not promoting. Every member of your audience moves through the buying process at her own pace. Your company possesses the opportunity to help her through that process in a way that will simultaneously earn her attention and trust.

Building a targeted content strategy

At Coblestone Publicity, we develop unique content strategies that help our clients by educating their audiences (customers and potential customers). Our goal is to create content that helps our clients’ prospects by answering prospects’ questions and helping prospects solve business problems. At Coblestone Publicity, our marketing strategists and brand journalists uncover what your audience seeks. Then, our team taps your team’s expertise and turns it into written, educational content in the form of website pages, blog posts, white papers, case studies and more.

Business blogging

The word “blog” tends to get a bad rap. Somehow this word has come to connote moms writing about their cute babies and technology dorks reviewing the latest computer operating systems. Take a moment to reposition the word blog in your mind. In the context of your business, a blog post is nothing other than an educational article. Blog posts often form the foundation of our clients’ content strategies.

At Coblestone Publicity, we tend to focus our clients’ blogging strategies on questions they receive during sales calls and topics they consistently find themselves explaining to prospects. These topics form perfect ideas for blog content. Why? If prospects ask you questions in-person to help them understand what they might buy, others most likely ask Google the same questions. When your website has the answers, Google is more likely to direct those searchers to you, creating opportunities to establish your company’s expertise, build trust, convert the visitors into leads and prompt sales conversations.

Keep in mind that blogging doesn’t mean giving away your company’s secret sauce. Instead, blog posts let you give away a taste of that sauce to capture attention.

White papers, buyer’s guides and other premium content

While we create blog posts to attract and educate prospects at a basic level, we create premium content to move those prospects further into their buying processes. Premium content comes in many forms, including:

  • White papers
  • Buyer’s guides
  • Webinars
  • Product demos
  • Manuals or handbooks
  • Free consultations

As explained in more detail on our conversion optimization page, premium content plays a key role in converting website visitors into leads.

Let’s talk about developing a content strategy that will earn the attention and trust of your audience.